Some Money Managers And Advisers Publish Bias, Untrue Reviews

money managers advisers fake bias reviews

I have seen some instances where money managers and advisers have contributed to fake news by publishing bias, untrue investment reviews. They do so with the intention of discrediting others and in turn making their investing offerings seem more enticing. An example of this comes from Alexis Assadi, a financial, investment adviser from Canada.

Taking the position of a conspiracy theorist, Alexis Assadi suggested that there is collusion between three leading container leasing companies. He argues that this conspiracy is a danger to investors. What is his motivation for making such an accusation? To attract and retain clients for his financial services.

Aside from leasing containers to shipping companies, the intended targets of Alexis Assadi’s attack also offer an opportunity for investors to invest in containers, and earn a better rate of return than Assadi can deliver. It is possible that Alexis Assadi fears that this may cause prospective and existing clients to pursue container investment opportunities outside of his portfolio. Doing so would mean a loss in revenue, profit, and opportunities for him.

Advisers like Alexis Assadi also rely heavily upon newsletter subscriptions, generated from their website, to build a list of prospective clients. Encouraging more traffic to his webpages, by any means necessary, is a proven way to build newsletter subscribers. This is especially important to Assadi because he can continuously market his investments and services to these unsuspecting people afterward.

In my mind, Assadi fails to establish any definitive proof of collusion between the companies he has targeted. Instead Assadi shares a grandiose theory and opinion to cast doubt in the mind of the investors who find container investing more appealing than anything he has to offer. Alexis Assadi is by no means the only financial adviser to engage in this type of defamation. The practice of libel and slander is more widespread on the internet than investors are aware of.

Author: Sarah Paige Andrews

I am an independent investor with an affinity for alternative investment offerings. To educate myself, I research and report on nontraditional options.

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