Alternatives Offer Different Ingredients For Investing Success

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With the economic and political uncertainty in many parts of the world, investors – like yourself – are becoming more and more cautious about the investments they include in their portfolio. To begin with, a growing number of investment seekers are shying away from volatility and unnecessary risk. In doing so they have limited their investing options.

By eliminating most traditional investments from your short-list of investment choices, you will see a number of viable alternatives emerge. In fact you are likely to be very surprised by what you uncover. Often, these unexpected options provide an element of safety, because they have little to no correlation with stock and bond markets. This is a great way for you to escape volatility, and reduce your exposure to risk.

With increasing fear of a bitcoin and stock market bubble, not to mention bonds’ and gold’s uncertainty, investors like you need to find stable place to invest your money. And, it needs to be somewhere new and far away from the influence of Wall Street and the White House. It would seem that nowadays investors no longer have confidence in these institutions.

Many of the new opportunities that have been introduced to the market are akin to business ventures, as opposed to the traditional ways of investing. An investment in shipping containers is a great example of this. In this instance, you invest in a commodity, a hard asset that “works” to earn you a consistent monthly return. This is nearly impossible to find, when searching through traditional choices.

After experiencing repeatedly bad performances from key portfolio contributors, many investors have lost their taste for bonds and the stock market. The emergence of alternative investments over the last decade has given the investment community different ingredients to include in their recipe for investing success. Some are tastier than others.

Author: Sarah Paige Andrews

I am an independent investor with an affinity for alternative investment offerings. To educate myself, I research and report on nontraditional options.

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